Friday, February 4, 2011



Buoy your spirits by recording happy events on paper or on your computer. People who write about all the things they are thankful for, are optimistic about the upcoming week. Its hard to be bitter and mad when you are feeling grateful. But do not overdo it.


Do you perform five acts of kindness on any given day? That is the number of good deeds that boosts your sense of well being and happiness. Your karmic acts can be minor and unplanned like giving up your seat on the bus or buying a coffee for a co-worker. You’d find that the payback greatly exceeds the effort.

Friday, September 4, 2009


The Seven Laws Of Success

Every person on this earth was destined to fulfill a purpose. Every one was sent here to
achieve success. Every human being was sent here to enjoy the sweet fruit of success; to lead a life full of peace and happiness, to live a life really rich and worth the name.
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Every other man or woman in this world has been eagerly looking for a success formula which could give them an easy route to reach their goals of life without much hard work and in shortest possible span of time and of course ahead of others.

A natural question arises, ‘Why are only the very few – women as well as men -successful in life? What does success actually mean? Does it mean same thing to all? Then why does it not come to all naturally and equally?

Every person on this earth was destined to fulfill a purpose. Every one was sent here to
achieve success. Every human being was sent here to enjoy the sweet fruit of success; to lead a life full of peace and happiness, to live a life really rich and worth the name. So success is what we wish to know and achieve.
Success does not just happen. It has to be worked upon. It is governed by seven definite laws.
What are those seven wonderful laws?

The first law “ FIX THE RIGHT GOAL’’
All successful people had this great thing in them. They all knew what they wanted in their lives. They had fixed their goals very early and firmly stuck to it. They then drove themselves tirelessly every day close and closer to it. One must have a purpose in life.
Many amongst us do never think why God has sent us on this beautiful earth. Why has He granted us this precious lifetime? If a traveler does not fix his destination well before he starts his journey, how could he be expected to reach his destination? A planning has therefore to be made with a clear purpose in sight. This is the first law of success.

The second law
Having decided where to reaches one must then know how to reach there. Educating oneself or preparing for the fixed goal is thus the next big thing. The necessary know how must be in our possession so that we may easily reach the place of our destination. This may in fact involve deep and focused study of the goal itself as well as the means.

The third law
A sound health is the best possible weapon to win over any unexpected obstacle, which may just arise in the course of our journey towards our aim in life. A firm make up of mind accompanied by a positive attitude is the shortest route to achieve success. We know that a sound body has a sound mind in it, it becomes a matter of great importance to maintain a good health thoroughout our life.

The fourth law ‘’THE DRIVE’’
A half hearted attempt may take you a little way toward your goal but it will never get you far enough to reach it. You may have seen that the executive head of a fast growing, successful organization not only drives himself but also th
ose under him. He puts a magical spell on all those who have been working under him, constantly getting deep in to the project on which they have been working.

The fifth law
Your path to your goal may be blocked by complications, obstacles, unexpected circumstances but you must not give it up in any case. Instead you must meet these obstacles with your resourcefulness, your ever readiness to solve any problem midway. For this you have to be a really cool guy with a clear mind, a cool mind, rapid thinking and a sound knowledge. With an ability to take quick decisions.

The sixth law ‘’PERSEVERENCE’’
Perseverance precisely means that stick-to-it-iveness which causes you always to think about
your goal day in and day out. You always look forward to achieving that goal. It simply makes you go mad about that. And then suddenly one day you find 5that you have reached your cherished goal.

The seventh law ’’HAVE CONTACT WITH GOD’’
The last but not the least, have faith in the Almighty. Seek His Blessings the divine guidance and the continuous help from that superpower that guides and controls our destinies.

So these are the seven wonderful laws of SUCCESS. Give them a try. Best of luck.

M.M. Kaushik Cartoons & Photos by Chande

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It is most effective in reducing anxiety and helping you to keep calm

Performance anxieties, management dysfunction, communication failures and a deep sense of insecurity have led modern youth to almost a dead end. Not only the teenagers, people from any and every age group, every profession and every walk of life are facing these awesome situations. Relaxation strategies can be very helpful and useful in managing stress, tension and anxiety, and in making you perform better at work and this method of relaxation is usually referred
to as controlled breathing. It is most effective in reducing anxiety and
helping you to keep calm. It is quick and easy to use anywhere and at anytime.

Make yourself comfortable and then breathe slowly and evenly. QUIETLY say to yourself ‘IN’ when you breathe in, and ‘RELAX’ when you breathe out. Repeat this over and over again. Focus as much as you can on these two simple words. a few minutes Imagine that with every breathe out,
each time you say ‘RELAX’, you are becoming more and more calm and relaxed .If you get distracted or if your thoughts wander, refocus as often as you need to. Don’t forget, practice is the key. If you can practice between 5-7 times each day, even if only for a few minutes, you will gradually master the skill.

Breathing deeply can relieve patients suffering from nausea after surgery. Voluntary breath control is probably the oldest known stress- reduction technique .It is a major component of yoga, the ancient Indian self-help system of health care and spiritual development.

Photos: TC Chandert

Monday, September 10, 2007


Make Happiness-A Habit of Life
Learn to be happy. It is so easy-just a matter of attitude.

Happiness is a state of mind, outcome of an attitude and an added gift when we have a positive frame of mind. It lies within us, but deep buried under the burden of everyday problems, fears, worries, failures, setbacks and confrontations. If we can uncover all these negative attachments and concentrate our minds on matters which make us happy it is ours forever. Be it a piece of good writing, a quotation, a song or a painting of the smile of a child, the sight and scent of flower, chirping of a bird, a flowing spring flying clouds or deep blue sky–anything that can dispel negativity from the mind–may bring instant happiness.
So learn to be happy. It is so easy-just a matter of attitude. Looking at things as they are not, as you wish to see them. Love life–life is happiness, happiness is life.

MM Kaushik, Photo: TC Chander, New Delhi

Imagine Good for Better Life!
Cartoon by Chander

Make the effort to connect with friends
Worrying is one of the most common habits of us humans- we have always something to worry about – the future, the past or even about the things unforeseen. The habit has outgrown all plausible limits and has become such a chronicle disease that thinkers, doctors and psychologists are at there wits ends to contain this strange gift of the fast developing society of ours. We all know people whose engagement with life can only be described as joyful. Fittingly, nature rewards these happy-go-lucky lot. Being optimistic increases your life span by at least 7.5 years. It minimizes the destructive effects of stress. Here are four habits that longevity experts say imare at the heart of a sunny disposition that you can adopt too. PHONE A FRIEND- Just talking to a friend on the phone has the immediate effect of lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels A good long term relationship provides many long term benefits. Make the effort to connect with friends you already have. Call now.
Photo by T.C. Chander