Saturday, October 11, 2008


It is most effective in reducing anxiety and helping you to keep calm

Performance anxieties, management dysfunction, communication failures and a deep sense of insecurity have led modern youth to almost a dead end. Not only the teenagers, people from any and every age group, every profession and every walk of life are facing these awesome situations. Relaxation strategies can be very helpful and useful in managing stress, tension and anxiety, and in making you perform better at work and this method of relaxation is usually referred
to as controlled breathing. It is most effective in reducing anxiety and
helping you to keep calm. It is quick and easy to use anywhere and at anytime.

Make yourself comfortable and then breathe slowly and evenly. QUIETLY say to yourself ‘IN’ when you breathe in, and ‘RELAX’ when you breathe out. Repeat this over and over again. Focus as much as you can on these two simple words. a few minutes Imagine that with every breathe out,
each time you say ‘RELAX’, you are becoming more and more calm and relaxed .If you get distracted or if your thoughts wander, refocus as often as you need to. Don’t forget, practice is the key. If you can practice between 5-7 times each day, even if only for a few minutes, you will gradually master the skill.

Breathing deeply can relieve patients suffering from nausea after surgery. Voluntary breath control is probably the oldest known stress- reduction technique .It is a major component of yoga, the ancient Indian self-help system of health care and spiritual development.

Photos: TC Chandert

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