Monday, September 10, 2007


Make Happiness-A Habit of Life
Learn to be happy. It is so easy-just a matter of attitude.

Happiness is a state of mind, outcome of an attitude and an added gift when we have a positive frame of mind. It lies within us, but deep buried under the burden of everyday problems, fears, worries, failures, setbacks and confrontations. If we can uncover all these negative attachments and concentrate our minds on matters which make us happy it is ours forever. Be it a piece of good writing, a quotation, a song or a painting of the smile of a child, the sight and scent of flower, chirping of a bird, a flowing spring flying clouds or deep blue sky–anything that can dispel negativity from the mind–may bring instant happiness.
So learn to be happy. It is so easy-just a matter of attitude. Looking at things as they are not, as you wish to see them. Love life–life is happiness, happiness is life.

MM Kaushik, Photo: TC Chander, New Delhi

Imagine Good for Better Life!
Cartoon by Chander

Make the effort to connect with friends
Worrying is one of the most common habits of us humans- we have always something to worry about – the future, the past or even about the things unforeseen. The habit has outgrown all plausible limits and has become such a chronicle disease that thinkers, doctors and psychologists are at there wits ends to contain this strange gift of the fast developing society of ours. We all know people whose engagement with life can only be described as joyful. Fittingly, nature rewards these happy-go-lucky lot. Being optimistic increases your life span by at least 7.5 years. It minimizes the destructive effects of stress. Here are four habits that longevity experts say imare at the heart of a sunny disposition that you can adopt too. PHONE A FRIEND- Just talking to a friend on the phone has the immediate effect of lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels A good long term relationship provides many long term benefits. Make the effort to connect with friends you already have. Call now.
Photo by T.C. Chander

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